Why I Run A Stress And Anxiety Management Group – Episode 14

70% of people say that stress and anxiety affects their physical and mental health as stress grows for people. In this episode I talk about why I run a weekly online stress and anxiety management group and how it helps to bring peace and calm to the participants.

For more information about hypnosis or the group go to Mind Balance Hypnosis

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What Is Missing Is The Word Love – Episode 12

In some relationships, whether it’s family, lovers or friendships, the word of love and appreciation is missing. In this episode I talk about how rare the words are in many relationships and how to bring them back into your life.

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Gender, Race and Nationality – Episode 10

I talk about the discoveries made when clients and volunteers, under hypnosis remembered their past lives, in order to deal with their present life issues. They talked about living in different races, and as men and also women and how they lived in different nationalities around the world.  These discoveries play an important part in how we understand our existence as people within the world.

Acupuncture – How it works, what it’s like and the history with Doug MacLaren of MacLaren Transformative Acupuncture – Episode 9

In this episode I interview Doug MacLaren to talk about acupuncture.  If you’ve never experienced acupuncture, you will learn about what an acupuncture session is like and how acupuncture works.  For those who have had acupuncture, you will learn more about how it works and also the history of acupuncture.  A very informative interview.

Life Stuck In The Perpetual Motion Of The Mundane – Episode 8

In this episode I talk about how in our lives we have dreams, goals and hopes.  As life progresses, for some of us those dreams, goals and hopes fade into the background as we find ourselves stuck in the perpetual motion of the mundane.  Stuck in a life of routine. In this episode I talk about how we should bring back those dreams, goals and hopes and incorporate them into our everyday life routines.

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should – Episode 7

In life, we make decisions every day.  Each decision is a choice.  They may be minor choices or major choices.  They may be choices that bring positive change and happiness or bring hurt and pain. We have many opportunities to make the right or wrong choice.  Sometimes it comes down to the question of should we make that choice?  Some people choose certain choices simply because they can and will benefit themselves, even if it hurts others.  A responsible choice maker thinks before taking action.  That’s why I always say, “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”  If people would utilize that question in their decision making, it could change a life and it could change many things in this world.  So think about it when you make choices. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Leave It To The Next Generation Episode 6

We hear people say, “let the next generation deal with it.”  What the people who speak those words do not realize is that they are the next generation!  This episode was originally uploaded to my Journey Back podcast about my book by the same name and the stories of all of the volunteers who went into past lives under my hypnosis.  It’s okay if you don’t believe in past lives 100%; just have an open mind.  After listening to the experiences of the volunteers, I firmly believe that we live many lives and that we will return as a generation in the future.

I felt that the message was so important that I wanted to post it on Navigating Life, because our continuous existence is a part of navigating life now an in the future.

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