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Leave It To The Next Generation Episode 6

We hear people say, “let the next generation deal with it.”  What the people who speak those words do not realize is that they are the next generation!  This episode was originally uploaded to my Journey Back podcast about my book by the same name and the stories of all of the volunteers who went into past lives under my hypnosis.  It’s okay if you don’t believe in past lives 100%; just have an open mind.  After listening to the experiences of the volunteers, I firmly believe that we live many lives and that we will return as a generation in the future.

I felt that the message was so important that I wanted to post it on Navigating Life, because our continuous existence is a part of navigating life now an in the future.

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Voices Said “This Is Not Mary” with author Mary Daisley – Episode 5

The Voices Said, “That’s Not Mary” The Disappearance of Mary’s Mum – Living with a Mentally Ill Stranger ​tells the story of living with and surviving a parent’s descent into the black hole that is Schizophrenia and its impact on not only the parent but the life-long affect on her only child.

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Holistic Lifestyle Coach Rob Carney – Episode 3

Rob Carney of Whole Health Connections is a holistic lifestyle coach in the greater Boston area. We will be discussing his journey from his home in Massachusetts, to Tai Land, Los Angeles and what brought him to his present holistic understanding.  We will also discuss the three principles that he lives by and the six foundation principles of his coaching.  His work focuses on connecting people with the best practitioners and also organic products for holistic health.

Boy At The Train Station – Episode 2

This is a true story about a boy that had run away from home and was sitting in the doorway of a train station at 3:30 am in winter.  While driving him home I had the opportunity to give him advice on his life and his power to choose the direction of his own life.

Introduction To The Navigating Life Podcast – Episode 1

In Navigating Life we will be discussing ideas, methods and ways to manage life and find balance in our daily existence.   We will be talking to people who will give their professional and non-professional advice and stories.